Wall Street Sex Secrets – Kiss and Tell

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Wall Street Sex Secrets – Kiss and Tell

For a moment it looked like sex driven hedge fund guys who used escort service and horney financiers could breathe a bit since madam Christina hasn’t has not revealed their sex secrets- yet.

hedgeho-sex-math-dangerousBut no. You’d think that ordering hookers and strippers for once in a while is a dangerous sport when not paid with credit card and using a real identity.  That only leaves the trace and evidence that can and will be used against them.  Ok well i guess if you were a regular and know Wall Street madam Anna Gristina and her Morgan Stanley business partner – you let down your guard. So now that she has nothing to loose and everything to gain with her sex business tell all -she promised to reveal some of  her escort business billionaire clients. Among these 5 she plans to expose was one hedge fund manager and 2 sell side guys, a politician and sport star.

You’d think having to worry about one crazy bitch tell all – it can be worse. And it is. Now there is two. And she already revealed sex secrets of 5 different NY guys – including Tribeca hedge fund hot shot. Lets just hope they don’t start competing on who can bring down more Wall Street guys cheating with hookers and their kinky sex habits.  Sex therapist Dr. Brandy Engler shared sex secrets with NyPost is a New York.

Her clients : Sex addicts, porn addicts, dominatrix, weird role plays,  Next page  her  client stories  including a hedge fund manager  sex addiction.

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