Wall Street CEO Claims Ex Mistress was a Mail Order Bride

//Wall Street CEO Claims Ex Mistress was a Mail Order Bride

Wall Street CEO Claims Ex Mistress was a Mail Order Bride

Married Delphi Financial Group CEO Robert Rosenkranz claims his ex mistress is a mail-order whore.

Robert Rosenkranz

Financier Robert Rosenkranz, whose company handles more than $14 billion in assets, claims in his filing that the 40-year-old mistress he knew for four years as Katherine Nelson was really Ekaterina Petuhova, of Russia.
Petuhova/Nelson advertised herself in a catalogue called “Meet Truly Beautiful Russian Women by Mail” in 1993. A US citizen named Neeraj Nelson picked her out from the listing.

But Nelson had their marriage annulled after telling a California judge he never consummated the union with Petuhova because she was having sex with an Armenian pimp named “Gari” soon after she landed at LAX, according to court papers.
“After having been used by Ekaterina, I would never again place an ad to meet a Russian woman! I have learned a lesson,” Neeraj says in the September 1997 filing for an annulment.

Petuhova/Nelson sued Rosenkranz in ­November, claiming he duped her into signing a deal to end their relationship and keep mum about it in exchange for $100,000.

Financier Robert Rosenkranz with wife

Financier Robert Rosenkranz with wife

Rosenkranz says in his new court filings that he refused to pay the woman. Instead, he obtained an order of protection in Manhattan Family Court.
Last week, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten tossed most of Petuhova/Nelson’s claims against Rosenkranz.

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