Uma Thurman Accuses Hedgie Ex in Prostitute Addiction

Uma Thurman accuses her ex, hedge fund manager Arpad “Arki” Busson in  prostitute addiction.

Uma Thurman’s lawyer hammered her ex on cross-examination grilling him about cheating on a college admissions test, an alleged addiction to prostitutes and his rocky relationship with supermodel Elle Macpherson.

“Did you tell Ms. Thurman you had paid someone to take your baccalaureate exam for you?” the lawyer, Eleanor Alter, asked in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday.

“Yes,” her ex, French hedge fund manager Arpad Busson, answered from the witness stand.

“Did you tell her that you told that person not to finish the exam because you’d be found out if the score was too high,” Alter pressed.

“Yes,” Busson admitted.

“Did you also tell Ms. Thurman you had been addicted to prostitutes?” Alter asked.

“No,” Busson said.

Judge Matthew Cooper, who’s presiding over a two-week custody trial between the former couple for a parenting schedules with their 4-year-old daughter, cut off further questioning on the subject.

He said he allowed the one question “to level the playing field.”

Earlier Busson’s attorney, Peter Bronstein, had slammed Thurman for allegedly mixing prescription pills with alcohol to treat an unspecified mental illness.

Thurman, dressed in a black suit and white shirt, looked down and away from her ex during the probing. Busson, in a dark suit, leaned forward on the witness stand with his hands folded.

Alter also asked Busson about threatening Macpherson, a former girlfriend, and mother of his two sons.

“You had threatened Ms. Macpherson which caused her to wear a wire,” Alter asked.

“Objection,” Busson’s lawyer interrupted.

The judge sustained the objection.

“He testified to his wonderful relationship with Ms. Macpherson. I think I have a right to inquire that it has not been so wonderful,” Alter said.

Busson’s 18-year-old son, Flynn, testified earlier this week that his parents had gotten along after their separation and always cooperated on decisions about his health and education.

Alter said that Busson demanded to know whenever Macpherson and Thurman spoke to each other.

“Am I correct in that you instructed Ms. Macpherson that she divulge to you anything that Ms. Thurman said to her or that she said to Ms. Thurman?”

“Yes,” Busson said.

Alter tried to embarrass Busson by bringing up an August 2016 interview Macpherson gave to Stellar Magazine in which she said she’d hired “mannies” to give her sons strong male role models because their father wasn’t around.

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