Too Sexy for Office Like Too Sexy City Banker – Pammy Biz Ad Banned in UK

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Too Sexy for Office Like Too Sexy City Banker – Pammy Biz Ad Banned in UK

Too sexy for UK as features  strong, confident business women, we considered that they were also portrayed sexually throughout the ad, not just during the fantasy sequence,” the ASA said in its ruling.


Pammy can wear very sexy and tiny  swimsuit and get away with it but wearing a business suit for office ad  is too is just  way too sexy-  described as sexually portrayes  fantasy.


That is when the imagination can run really wild and can  get really too sexy.  Too much sex distractions in the office  are bad for getting work done,   Its like  too hot city banker with   her sexy body in not too sexy office  clothes  and the dirty mind or call it sexy imagination does the rest.

As a matter of fact the too hot city banker artice is the most read  article in hedgeho – leaving wild  women in finance who stripped for Playboy  and   far behind  although they are wearing much less clothing.

That’s just one ne more reason why work-aholic  hedge fund guys  order strippers and hookers at the office. Its ‘s sexy, very low risk of getting caught or even questioned  on your whereabouts.  So far the hedge funds like Galleon  and  Madoff are almost only ones known to have so much coke and ho’s that several prostitutes ran out of work when those funds closed.

And thats all because of heavy investigation.   Other then that its kept quietly under the radar and  mosts hedgies never talk about it and ho’s don’t know who to talk about it and why, exept maybe hedgeho’s   but they are the types of ho’s that only go after the hedgies and they speak only when they get dumped without break up present.

Like George Soros mistress who did not get the condo as promised.

Besides being low risk it wont take much time off from work either. Its eliminating all the BS and pressure of the dating and drama and , getting  caught with other women in their life.  Hedge funds guys know how to manage risk and   shy guy on a buy side  balances his wild side.

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