Too Sexy For Instagram – Pornstagram

Most of  the sites nowdays have porn problem- Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter of course Tumblr (Tumblr was ok with it – at least until they sold to Yahoo for $1.1B)

pornstagramBut who are  we kidding – we love that problem. Its like “I love bad bithes thats my fucking problem!”

When launched -they had taken the pinterest concept  and applied it to sex and porn.  That made the site skyrocket. Sites like twitter facebook,  pinterest  and isntagram have porn problem as well.

instagram-sexyJust few days ago LinkedIn changed their privacy settings and kicked off all sex workers, prostitutes and other people connected to  adult industry,  They even went as far as eliminating the word Hot off the profile – don’t know if  hot gossip falles under that category.  They sure do not spend much time doing their research but use the automated version instead.

pornstsgramSo where would they all go?

For adult entertainers there are few options and eros are popular platforms for escorts to post.

As far as sexy pins and Instagram for sex pics there is


After  Instagram changed their privacy settings- and now they are eliminating all the too sexy content pages.  Some people have  spend a lot of time to putting  together a page that is looking great and suddenly it just gets deleted.  There are quite a few cases like that.

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Another  alternative is  the site called did just that.  They have gathered the too sexy content form sites like instagram pinterest etc and posted it. Sections like sexiest in pinterest and pornstagram are very popular.  I think they let you sign up and become a publisher as well.

To sum up the last picture says it all. Feel free to comment and send any sexy pins and instagram links.

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