Things You Didn’t Know About Bill Ackman

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Things You Didn’t Know About Bill Ackman

Things You Didn’t Know About Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman.


“I’m an optimistic person and I thought I would be really successful. I once made that argument that my net worth has never really gone up, because when I was younger I assumed that I would do really well and I have always had a present value whatever I was expecting to earn over time. As each year goes by my net worth increased to what I expected it to be over time,” Ackman says, “I wanted to be successful.”


Biggest driver of his early life was independence.

Bill Ackman’s Hedgie Matchmaking Events

imagesHedge Fund Dating – Bill Ackman’s hedge fund dating and matchmaker You know Bill Ackman as a hedge fund hunk, but did you know on the side he likes to play cupid.Helping his single friends and acquaintances find a life partner is, however, close to the billionaire’s heart and he’s doing his part to help. And every so often, Ackman and his wife whirl through their Rolodexes and invite their unattached friends to come on over to their place and spend a few hours meeting other singles.

In this day and age of internet dating, the Ackmans like to give that stressful process a personal touch. That nights Bill Ackman and wife Karen, who trained as a landscape architect, threw open the doors and hoped for the best.
While no officials statistics have been kept, people who have attended the events say plenty of people have found their mates here. Last time roughly 200 people attended, according to someone who was there. For Ackman the matchmaking evening



Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman’s Brought One57 $90 Million Luxury Apartment


Hedge Funds Are Motivated By Sex

This Hedge Fund Manager Explains How Sex Helps Him Invest Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman: “Were ultimately animals motivated by sex!” The hedge fund boss revealed to CNBC Sqwawk Box that sex is what is what motivates him to succeed.

He is the 20/21 richest hedge fund manager in the world. Bill Ackman is worth $2.5 Billion

20/21. Bill Ackman  $2.5 Billion
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Bill Ackman $2.5 Billion Founder, CEO, Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. Age 49 Residence New York, NY Marital Status Married Children 3 Education Bachelor of Arts / Science, Harvard University; Master of Business Administration, Harvard University The founder of hedge fund firm Pershing Square Capital Management, which manages some $18 billion, sizzled in 2014. His main hedge fund returned 37.2% net of fees. It was Ackman’s best performance in years and came at an important time. Ackman had suffered some setbacks in 2013. Most other hedge fund managers trailed the stock market’s rise in 2014, but Ackman’s performance beat the stock market easily. Fueling these good results was Ackman’s big position in Allergan, a creative if contentious trade that ended well for Ackman when Actavis agreed to buy the Botox-maker. Ackman had backed Valeant Pharmaceuticals’ hostile effort to purchase Allergan, but his fund benefited from the Actavis deal just the same. In other high profile moves, Ackman continues to battle against Herbalife, which he calls a pyramid scheme, and the U.S. government, over the future of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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