The Ho’s in the Office – The Fat Chick

//The Ho’s in the Office – The Fat Chick

The Ho’s in the Office – The Fat Chick

There are quite a few types of hos you can find in the office- the fat bitch is one of them

the-fat-bitchThis week question – Should you fuck a fat chick in your office?

It’s a shame that fat chicks have the cutest faces. That’s true and its almost cruel how such a beautiful face would have such an enormous body under it.  Usually they cover it up with a huge scarf and they tend to accessorize a lot – to compensate the lack of figure. Hair done nails done, they make you forget how fat they really are.

Always nice amount of make up – the fat chicks in  a funny way are never the ugliest  but they sure take the most amount of space.

Advice for a guy- should you fuck a fat bitch in the office?  Well yeah if shes hot and you  can be sure she will never tell no one.

If you take her on  the date- don’t get scared on the amount of food this chick can eat.  Nobody is born that fat- it takes constant eating to maintain that type of figure. As a matter of fact you should encourage her. Saying things like: I love the girl who can eat. Remember the purpose of a date is to have sex.  So make her feel comfortable.



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