“Take risks and take your clothes off,” Olivia Wilde embraces her stripper role

Olivia Wilde

Olivia advises fellow actors: ‘Take risks, and take your clothes off — even if they don’t ask. Leave your comfort zone!’

Olivia  said: ‘I think it’s about going outside of your comfort zone. It’s about always working and always moving forward and not allowing yourself to feel comfortable anywhere, because I think if you feel comfortable, you’re not doing your job, and you’re not where you’re supposed to be.’ She explained: ‘I hung out and put my fingers in the butter. I made butter boobs!’
She plays a stripper in her new dark comedy Butter, which also sees her sharing a steamy smooch with co-star Ashley Greene.
And as far as a career move, Olivia Wilde thinks it’s a great idea.
The 28-year-old chatted about why, as an actor, it’s always important to push yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t.

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