The Missing Wolf – The Real Story

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The Missing Wolf – The Real Story

The Missing Wolf – The real deal.

Yes most of what you saw was true.  What we didn’t see was the cult like mind altering phenomenon that the “Wolf” bestowed on us.  For the record, during my five years in the devils den not once did I hear Jordan referred to as the “Wolf”.


We “Strattonites” preferred to to call him The King.  As is true in any Monarchy, he was our ruler and us, his servants followed every order.  We were young, fresh out of collage or no post high school experience at all.

Most came from dysfunctional families and perhaps had no structured upbringing.  But at last, a man, not much older then us, gave us “direction” and lives which at the time we were proud to be part of what was instilled in us as the best brokerage firm on Wall Street.

Of course, none of us had anything to compare it to.  We actually believed this was the real deal.

How Wall Street really functioned?

In fact, if anyone applied to Stratton for a job and had worked for more then a week at any other brokerage firm they were thrown out immediately, in fear they might whisper a shadow of illegitimacy and dampen what had been ingrained in our heads.

Twenty plus years later it’s hard to believe that one man could instill in my mind in a cult like manner that shaped “who” I was. It was embedded in our child like minds that “we”, the followers of our king were above society, and that we were the ones who shaped the lives of those around us.

But where is the missing “wolf” Kenny Greene?

Kenny was the Kings first partner.. a former drug dealer turned broker?  While not much of a broker, Kenny had a talent of recruiting most of his childhood friends to the greatest opportunity of a life time.. so we thought.  After several years, when Jordan no longer had any use for him, Kenny was bought out and then used that very money to short the stocks he had recruited his very friends to buy.  If you ask me, not a bad deal.

Especially when considering he landed in Lloyd Harbor in a four million dollar nine thousand square foot mansion.


Blockhead, as he is referred to in Jordan’s book, turned out not to be a second wolf, but more of a ghost that haunted Stratton Oakmont and other small brokerage firms that were shoveling the same overvalued dog shit stocks by shorting these stocks adding fuel to the fire and driving them down, and making millions the whole way down.
That reality is still to this day us “Strattonites” are paying for our misguided time there.  In this “google world” trying to escape the wrath of our time spent with the Wolf is a useless task.

The collateral damage extends past lost job opportunities, and voided spaces on our resumes.  At 21 years old I couldn’t imagine that later in life my 16 year old daughter would be privy to gluttony of some of the seven deadly sins that we lived and died by while eating a bucket of popcorn at the local theater.

The fact is that at 21 years old, perhaps I should have had the insight to realize I walked through the doors of the devil’s den and not only held his trident, but used it to pierce my unsuspecting victims.

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