Sopranos Star Legendary Mob Boss James Gandolfini Best Quotes

//Sopranos Star Legendary Mob Boss James Gandolfini Best Quotes

Sopranos Star Legendary Mob Boss James Gandolfini Best Quotes

Legendary Sopranos actor died on a holiday in Italy suspected heart attack at the age of 51.  Great  talent of  James Gandolfini   and top  quotes from life and movies will forever live on.

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(on the “Sopranos” project) I read it. I liked it. I thought it was good. But I thought they would have to hire some good-looking guy, not George Clooney but some Italian George Clooney, and that would be that. But they called me and they said can I meet David (Chase) for breakfast at nine a.m. At the time I was younger and I stayed out late a lot, and I was like: “Oh, for fuck’s sake. This guy wants to eat breakfast? This guy’s going to be a pain in the ass”.

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We’d get accused, back then, of glamorizing mobsters, but we were all half miserable you know. I don’t think the violence looks appealing at all. Everybody paid for it in a lot of ways. I heard sometimes that we were making cute, cuddly mobsters, but i know for a fact that David wrote an incredibly violent episode – the one where there’s a stripper that Ralph Cifaretto beats to death – and I think that was written as a reaction to that. It’s a very violent world and, you know, there’s consequences. I think we showed it, and I think we showed the toll it takes on people.
I dabbled a little bit in acting in high school, and then I forgot about it completely. And then at about 25 I went to a class. I don’t think anybody in my family thought it was an intelligent choice. I don’t think anybody thought I’d succeed, which is understandable. I think they were just happy that I was doing something.

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Good writing will bring you to places you don’t even expect sometimes.
Like I always say, I’m standing on my parents’ shoulders; they allowed me to do this silly job.


I find it hard to relax. I live in New York.

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I watch stupid comedies. Role Models (2008). I love them. The Rocker (2008). I love that. I like idiotic comedies.

I like idiotic comedies.

(on the final episode of “Sopranos” 1999) When I first saw the ending, I said: “What the fuck?” I mean, after all I went through, all this death, and then it’s over like that? But after I had a day to sleep, I just sat there and said: “That’s perfect.”

(on his “Sopranos” (1999) co-star, Edie Falco) I’m still in love with Edie. And, of course, I love my wife, but I’m in love with Edie. I don’t know if I’m in love with Carmela or Edie or both. I’m in love with her.

I love hearing people laugh.

Young James Gandolfini

Young James Gandolfini

I’m an actor…I do a job and I go home. Why are you interested in me? You don’t ask a truck driver about his job.

I’ve been very lucky, considering what I look like and what I do.

Part of the fun of acting is the research, finding out about other people.

I think you cared about Tony because David was smart enough to write the Greek chorus through Dr. Melfi. So you sat there and you got to see his motives, what he was thinking, what he was trying to do, what he was trying to fix, what he was trying to become. And then you saw it didn’t really work out the way he wanted it to. If you took the Melfi scenes away, you wouldn’t care about this man as much, or care about anything that was happening to him.


. (on David Chase and the challenges of “The Sopranos”) By the end, I had a lot of anger over things and I think it was just from being tired, and what in God’s name would I have to be angry about? The man gave me such a gift in terms of life experience, in terms of acting experience, in terms of money too. At the beginning, David came to the set a lot, but once it got bigger and it became this thing, you know, he was a little more standoffish. He was harder to talk to. I understand that. The pressure that he had to continue to create, to continue to do great work, was hard. Everybody starts to want something, everybody starts to call, and this one needs this, and can we talk about that? And then there’s money, and so you have to pull back and try to protect yourself in a way. I had to learn it and I wasn’t very good at it. But then it starts to take its toll. The first couple of years it was easier. It wasn’t such a huge deal. I’ve said this to him, but maybe not so clearly. I got it. He had to be a little bit of the Great and Powerful Oz. There was no choice.

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