Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair

///Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair

Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair

These signs alone might not mean a thing but when they appear all together – your spouse is having an affair.

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1 . Change in their behavior. They are more distant and  no longer this needy  OR they are overly caring and loving.  Either way their emotional state don’t match the current  situation it’s  like moving against the current.

2. No time. Too long working hours and working  all nighters etc. – alone might just mean work mean just together with few other signs it.


3. Secrecy and hiding their phone and mail passwords.   Together with the second sign is a red light.

4. Inappropriate or frequent e-mails or text. Words like babe in e-mails are are a dead giveaway.  There is a difference in cheating one with many partners or always with one partner.

5. Changing in their goals

6. No longer getting angry.  Not meeting or showing up late or not at all used to bother them but now they just dont care.  That might actually mean that they are about to have one or just moving on.

7. Lots of  google voice numbers etc. many different social media profiles.   Alone might be a form of social engineering.


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