Sexiest Booty Celebs and Their Hedge Fund Connection

Hedge fund managers love celebs with hot big booty. Like hedge fund manager Ray Dalio  is a lovely billionaire friend of J.Lo – Hedgie Ray Dalio  donated $250,000 to JLo’s children’s charity.  View more – Sexiest booty celebrities and their degree of hedge fund separation.

1 degree of hedge fund Seperation. Jennifer Lopez and Hedge Fund manager Ray Dalio

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Ray Dalio is a lovely billionaire friend of Jennifer Lopez. Hedge Fund Manager who donated $250,000 to JLO’s Maribel charity. The charity doesn’t do much, but Ray Dalio, who runs an $80 billion hedge fund Bridgewater, obviously likes the couple. Maybe he can help Marc get out of tax trouble. Here’s the story from October: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s twins Max and Emme are going to work! They’re modeling for Gucci. Gucci is so thrilled that they say they’re donating $50,000 to Lopez’s Maribel Foundation in lieu of a straight payment to the kids. They also say they’re giving $1 million to a UNICEF program for schools in Africa. That $50,000 may not go so far. In 2008, according to its tax filing, Maribel paid a staggering and unbelievable $90,000 alone to a charity consultant called Legacy Strategies of Los Angeles. The charity only had approximately $350,000 in its bank account. Of that total, JLo had put only $104,500 into the account– just enough to cover the Legacy bill. The rest of Maribel’s balance $250,000– came from philanthropist Hedge Fund manager Raymond Dalio.


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