Secret Diary Of A Gold-Digger

//Secret Diary Of A Gold-Digger

Secret Diary Of A Gold-Digger

Sugar daddy is married, gives me cash, a flat and holidays…

Hot Gold-digging blonde freely admits she could “smell” the money on him.

Interview Via In  three months of the chance encounter, she had quit her job.
Now Lucy is unapologetic that her lavish lifestyle comes courtesy of his regular hand-outs, the £1,400 monthly rent he pays for her swanky apartment and a whole host of gifts and treats he bestows on her.
She says: “I don’t care if he’s married as long as the presents keep coming in.”
Sugar daddy John* is more than happy to cater to his young companion’s every whim.
He says: “I love Lucy — not like I love my wife and children but as a companion and I hope she will be in my life for ever.
“She’s young, beautiful, flirty and great fun to be with. I’m happy to look after her financially as long as our relationship stays hassle-free and my wife doesn’t find out.”
Lucy says: “His home life is really nothing to do with me. I’m a lady of leisure thanks to his bulging wallet — he has enough money for it to not affect him or his family.
“My neighbours are One Direction and JLS,” she boasts. “It’s like a palace. I have a swimming pool, gym and fabulous panoramic views — I have never been happier.”
Before she was given a top apartment to live in, Lucy shared a cramped house with mates.
She says: “I’ll never have to queue for the bathroom or scrimp on the heating again.
“I have a groundsman now too — so I don’t even have to do DIY or clean up my own mess. I don’t beg for stuff — I only have to ask.

Lucy in her fabulous house

“I asked if I could live in the plush apartment and John said yes. The way I see it is if you don’t ask, you don’t get.”
With a wardrobe to rival Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex And The City, Lucy, from Barnet, north London, has designer handbags from Miu Miu, coats from Burberry and undies from Agent Provocateur.
On top of that she has all the latest gadgets and was recently given an iPad.
She says: “Most of the items he buys me must cost him over a grand each.”
And if Lucy complains, John splurges more.
She says: “The other week, I was really down in the dumps so he arranged a spa weekend at The Sanctuary in London for me and my girlfriends.
“It sounds a bit weird, but I think he likes it when I’m miserable because he knows he can fix it with money.
“I suppose he probably feels powerful but I’m OK with that. He’s got puppy dog eyes, he would never hurt me.”
Lucy met John, an investment banker, in top London nightclub Movida two years ago.
She says: “He was out with friends at a champagne-only table and invited me over.
“He was bald and old and initially I just laughed — he wasn’t attractive. But my mates pushed me over and I ended up spending the evening chatting with him.
“He was very charming and attentive — I felt like a million dollars.”
By the end of the evening, John had asked Lucy to meet him later for another drink.
She says: “I don’t know why I said yes. He’s not my type and I don’t fancy him.
“I think it’s because I could smell the money on him.”
A week later, Lucy met up with John at a swish restaurant she could never have afforded to go to on her hairdresser’s salary.
Lucy has not had contact with her parents for years but even as a child she never went without.
She says: “I had about £40 a week pocket money when I was 13 and I have always liked nice things. But I lost contact with my parents when I was 18.
“John didn’t want me to be a hairdresser — he thought it was long hours and hard graft for a young woman. He pays for me to do lovely things instead.”

Read Why hedge fund managers make the best sugar daddys. She says: “I don’t have sex with him and we have never kissed — it is 100 per cent platonic. I think he does fancy me but he knows not to go there.”

Lucy with her new mink goat

Amazingly, Lucy has managed to hold down a few relationships while still being pampered by John.
She says: “I think men are probably intimidated by what John provides for me. I get that it must be hard for them to understand but I’m old-fashioned and want real love.
“But for now, I’m enjoying living the life of a kept woman.”
Gold-digger Lucy Ford
Unrepentant … Lucy with bags from top London store Selfridges
Lucy believes John’s money will continue to fund her lifestyle for as long as she requires.
Then she will dump him.
She says: “He had another girl, before me, that he did this for her too.
“She got money out of him for six years and I say good for her.
“I’ll probably do the same — or until I have a boyfriend who won’t stand for it.
“I will give up this lifestyle for love — but until then, I’ll just keep on spending.”
* John’s name has been changed
Lucy’s annual bill
CLOTHES: £5,000.
DINING OUT: £5,000.
RENT: £16,800.
HOLIDAYS AND PAMPERING: £6,000 – on hair extensions, spas, nails, make-up and holidays.
GADGETS: £3,000.
EXTRAS: £1,000 on gym membership, personal trainer, diet shakes, slimming treatments etc.
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