Naughty Pilot Invites Playmates to Cockpit to Sit on His Lap and Party

Mile High Life – Naughty Pilot Invites Playmates to Cockpit to Sit on His Lap and Party and Get Hammered.

chloe-cockpit-01Newly released photos and video show British pinup girl Chloe Mafia and a sexy pal living the high life from 33,000 feet.
The busty model, whose real name is Chloe Khan, says the captain invited her and her female friend into the cockpit about 30 minutes into the flight, ordered the girls a bottle of champagne, and asked them to sit on his lap while he let them fiddle with the plane’s control panel.
“Hi, I’m the naughty pilot,” the captain told the women once the door was locked, Playmate told the Daily Star.

Chloe Mafia (38)
The pilot said it was safe — because the plane pretty much flew itself. Khan admitted to recklessly pressing an unidentified button.

Chloe Mafia (2)

“I pushed something. I don’t know what it did,” she said.
She said the pilot didn’t drink any of the champagne, but asked to see Khan’s sizable breasts. She demurred, saying she was recovering from surgery.
Kuwait Airways announced in a tweet written in Arabic on Sunday that it was investigating the incident, which it said happened sometime in 2013.

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Chloe Mafia (21)

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