Jury Awards Hot Swedish Intern $2 Million for Wall Street CEOs Sexual Harassment

Jury Awards Hot Swedish Intern Hanna Bouveng $2 Million for Wall Street CEO  Benjamin Wey  Sexual Harassment.

Hanna-Bouveng1A jury in Manhattan Federal Court awarded Swedish model Hanna Bouveng $2 million Monday for wacko Wall St. bigshot Benjamin Wey’s sexual harassment and subsequent smear campaign against her.

The jury will continue deliberating about punitive damages for Wey’s retaliation against Bouveng after she refused his advances, as well as his defamation of her on his website, The Blot.

Hanna-BouvengBouveng, 25, cracked a small smile as the jury read its verdict.

The jury did find that Bouveng had not proved Wey assaulted her.

Wey was not present in court.

Lawyers for both sides will make brief presentations to the jury about the amount of damages at 1 p.m. The $2 million figure is only a fraction of the $850 million Bouveng had sought.

Still, the verdict was yet another blow to Wey’s already-sullied reputation.

NY Global Group CEO Benjamin Wey sexually harassed and defamed his former employee Hanna Bouveng, a jury ruled.
Bouveng said the NY Global Group CEO relentlessly harassed her starting in late 2013 after he made her his marketing chief.

He plied her with pricey gifts, took her on business trips around the world and demanded from her “tangible love,” Bouveng said.

The part-time model said she had sex with Wey four times in the Financial District apartment he rented for her, and that each time the vile encounter only last a few minutes.

After Bouveng began ignoring Wey’s advances in Feb. 2014 she said he became jealous and flipped out. He fired her in April of that year and kicked her out of the apartment.


He then wrote a series of bizarre “investigations’ into Swedish party girls and Bouveng’s social life on The Blot.

The incoherent articles smeared Bouveng as a streetwalker, prostitute, Hong Kong masseuse and drug addict. The smears also extended to Bouveng’s friends and family.

Wey had denied having sex with Bouveng, and said he had fired her because her love of the club scene interfered with her work.

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