John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter Settle Sextape Case

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John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter Settle Sextape Case

Rielle Hunter,

The videotape that purports to show former North Carolina Sen. And presidential candidate John Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter, engaging in sexual behavior is going to be destroyed.

Hunter and Andrew and Cheri Young reached a settlement Thursday afternoon in the lawsuit that Hunter filed against the Youngs just over two years ago.

The settlement requires that the tape be destroyed by the court within 30 days, and that photographs of Hunter and her daughter and other personal property that belonged to Hunter be returned to her.

“We’re very pleased with it, and our client is very pleased with it,” said Wade Barber, one of Hunter’s attorneys. “For that tape to be destroyed was our objective in filing that case.”

John Edwards

In January 2010, Hunter obtained a temporary restraining order that required Edwards’ former aide, Andrew Young and Young’s wife, Cheri, to return to her the videotape, which she described as a personal and private videotape.

In addition, she filed a lawsuit against the Youngs, claiming they stole the tape from her while the three of them were on the run together trying to hide from the media after The National Enquirer printed a story and photographs claiming Hunter was pregnant with Edwards’ child.

The Youngs claimed they found the tape in a box of trash that Hunter had left behind at a house where she stayed in Governor’s Club. They admitted that the tape had been cut up when they found it but said they taped it back together, played it and discovered it showed Hunter engaging in sexual behavior with Edwards.

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