Inmates Rewiew Prisons on Yelp

//Inmates Rewiew Prisons on Yelp

Inmates Rewiew Prisons on Yelp

That’s right like the reviewers of restaurants, gyms, and nail salons before them, prisoners and attorneys now have a forum to air their opinions of America’s prisons- reviewers are offering testimonials, tips, and complaints.

yelpOne Rikers reviewer offered advice to new inmates on how to make the best of the experience:
“Things you MUST remember: No matter what religion you (really) are/aren’t, say you’re ‘Jewish.’
Why? Because, you’ll get a box of Matzoh (‘crackers, as some call it), a bottle of grape juice (both weekly) and, you’ll get a trip to meet the Rabbi (A VERY nice man who lets you use his phone).
2nd thing to remember is say you’ve a medical condition, in which you NEED to have ‘double portions.’
Trust me on this. Otherwise – you’ll really starve.”

The staff at Sing Sing are the “most unprofessional staff in the world and the rudest.” The chocolate milk at the Tombs is “chalky.” At Rikers, “If the roaches & rats don’t mess with you the CO’s [correctional officers] will.” Queens Central Booking is “run smoother than the other central bookings throughout the greater New York.”

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