Humongous Rack (38KKK implants) Saved Her Life on After Super Bowl crash on Sunday

Humongous  Rack (38KKK implants) Saved Her Life on After Super Bowl crash on Sunday

Sheyla Hershey faces a drink-driving charge following a post-Super Bowl crash on Sunday




A woman with the world’s largest breast implants walked away from a horror crash unscathed claiming her huge boobs saved her life.

Sheyla Hershey’s huge 38KKK breasts had an airbag effect, protecting the rest of her body from injury in the smash.


The Guinness World Record was charged with driving while intoxicated after she ploughed into a tree on the way back to her home in Houston, Texas, from a Super Bowl party on Sunday night.

The 31-year-old wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when her Ford Mustang spun around to hit another tree on the opposite side of the road.

She denies the charge and was released from Montgomery County Court, in Texas, on £1,130 bail on Monday.

Airbags: Sheyla Hershey credits her giant 38KKK breasts for saving her life in a car crashBarcroft

Bust up: Sheyla’s Ford Mustang was badly damaged in the smashBarcroft

Saved: Sheyla claims her boobs cushioned the blow, saving the rest of her body from injuryBarcroft

Brazilian born Sheyla  previously had MMM breasts but had to have them removed in 2010 after contracting a life-threatening infection. Picture below is her with Guiness record MMM boobs.

But she sank into depression and tried to kill herself after being left with sagging skin where her enormous salt-water implants had been.

Speaking at the time, Sheyla said: “Not having my breasts was killing me, I didn’t know if I could make it.

“My breasts had become part of me and I was deformed without them. I felt like I had lost a leg.”

Sheyla had her massive chest enlarged to a KKK again.

Sheyla Hershey now giant 38 KKK lifesavers




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