Hot Girls at Work Boost Productivity

//Hot Girls at Work Boost Productivity

Hot Girls at Work Boost Productivity

It appears working with hot girls make you more productive.  Why?

Simply put, because you want sex more! And if you want sex, you’ll proactively try having more sex, and likely to actually have more sex.  It’s the law of attraction coupled with a trickle down effect…  Check out research below

sexy-hot-motivational-posters-3-5A new study shows having sex more than 4 times a week can earn you 5% or more. Similarly, a Brazilian study published in 2009 found a positive correlation between sexual frequency and wages for Brazilian employees.

Here are a few examples to help you understand our logic why sexy girls in the workplace increase your chances for success:

1. Attendance. Every morning you wake up eager to get to the office to check out your hot coworker and therefore arrive on-time, hardly miss days, and usually never watch the clock.  Even if you’re just busy watching her.

2. Look Sharp. Day in and day out, your shirt will be tightly pressed, breath smelling minty fresh, and always on your ‘A game’

3. Expertise.  Know your shit! You will spend more time extensively researching since its likely your beauty queen will come to you for guidance



Research has also shown that  individuals tend to find attractive people more intelligent, friendly and competent than others. But do we pay more attention to attractive people?

The researchers say this is because people are motivated to pay closer attention to beautiful people for many reasons, including curiosity, romantic interest or a desire for friendship or social status. “Not only do we judge books by their covers, we read the ones with beautiful covers much closer than others,” says Prof. Jeremy Biesanz, UBC Dept. of Psychology, who co-authored the study with PhD. student Lauren Human and undergraduate student Genevieve Lorenzo.

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