Hilarious Video – 2 Wall Street Guys Fight Over a Cab

Only in New York – 2 Wall Street guys with short tempers get into physical fight over a cab.

The suit wearing finance guys achieved this embarrassing feat last week when they were captured on film getting into a brawl over a cab in Manhattan’s financial district.
InĀ  YouTube video, the portlier of the two men gives the first shove as the other balls his fists Continuing to barge each other, the men race to the taxi – seemingly unaware of a young woman who has to dodge out of their way.
The men continue grappling as they both try and get in the cab and one succeeds in getting the other in a head lock.
Wall Street guys then pushed and shoved each other like children in a bid to get in the cab to the point, the cab driver gets out his vehicle and tries in vain to break up the fight.
The pudgy man finally manages to get into the cab but not before he receives a smack on the head. Defeated, the second man slams the door closed.


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