Hedge Funders Getting Downward Horndog With Tropy Yogis

Hedge Funder Dan Loeb, 49, who manages more than $5.5 billion in assets, married yogini Margaret Munzer in 2004
Daniel Loeb’s wife, a  graduate from Brown University and from NYU’s School for Social Work, she is known for collecting contemporary ary.
Margaret Munzer Loeb, a former yoga instructor and graduate of Brown and NYU’s School of Social Work, married then-man-about-town Loeb in July 2004. The couple collects contemporary art and are supports of Prep for Prep and Lincoln Center. Last year, they sold their Bank Street townhouse for $12 million and bought a $45

Daniel Loeb and Margaret Munzer Loeb,

More Hedge Funder Yogis
Billionaire Henry Silverman, 71, is currently locked in a bitter divorce after leaving his wife for his yoga teacher, Karen Hader, 30 years his junior. Silverman calls her Cinderella: Her fairy-tale life includes a $19.3 million mansion on Central Park West and a $14 million love nest in Sagaponack. Until now she was likely making anywhere from $60 to $200 per hour as a licensed yoga instructor in NYC.

Transferring emotions onto someone who makes you feel better about yourself is nothing new: People fall for their shrinks, obstetricians and trainers all the time.

Kelly Morris, who teaches at the Shala near Union Square, understands the attraction. “I think everyone is turned on in a great yoga class, moving around, breathing heavy,” she says. “You are touching their bodies. It can quickly devolve into some sort of sweat orgy.”

Alec Baldwin, 53, the 30 Rock funnyman known for his razor-sharp wit, political savvy and quick temper, morphed into a starry-eyed marshmallow this summer, snuggling in public and sharing intimate tweets in English and Sanskrit. The object of his affection? Yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas, 28, whom he refers to as a “female Tarzan.” The two met while dining separately at Pure Food & Wine in Gramercy.

The effect is certainly tangible: Baldwin has dropped weight and is telling friends he’s cut out sugar, while Silverman is looking to invest in a juice company.

But aside from the spine-tingling, hormone-stirring touch of an adjustment mid-downward dog, what do powerful men see in women who may prefer raw food to truffle oil? Yoga teachers, some say, pack the one-two punch of forming both spiritual and physical connections.

“We bring the spiritual aspects, and they bring the material aspects,” Morris says matter-of-factly. “Hedge-fund guys hire a yoga teacher because they’ve been hunched over Bloomberg all day. A combination of breath and touch and moving [connects them] to the divine.”

Stephanie Culen, who teaches at Equinox, says it’s a two-way street. “We want a home and travel and luxuries and things we pooh-poohed for a long time,” she admits. “The key is, we don’t become attached.”

Bentley Meeker, 43, owner of a multi-million dollar lighting firm, seems to have found bliss with Elena Brower, 41, founder of Virayoga in Soho. “I can talk to her about lighting—and enlightenment,” he says. “I can tell her my deepest [secrets] and that gives me the freedom to tell the truth.”

For such high-powered men and their enlightened teachers, yoga studios may just be the new match.com.

“If you have a hedge-fund client, it’s a good way to get a big fish,” says Pure Yoga’s Marco Rojas.

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