Dan Loeb Launches Website and to Gain Supporters Against The Fight With Yahoo

The site , which went live today and includes an outline of his agenda, a mission statement and profiles on his slate of proposed directors. Shareholders and other interested readers can join the community- subscribe to the site to get updates on breaking stories, add Facebook likes, vote and get twitter feeds.

The activist hedge funder is in ongoing battle with Yahoo’s board, which is trying to add four new directors, including himself. Mr. Loeb, who owns a 5.8 percent stake in Yahoo, filed a preliminary proxy filing last month. Although Yahoo has made some overtures, including an offer to add one of Mr. Loeb’s candidates, Harry Wilson, to the board, Mr. Loeb has criticized the board for not taking his demands seriously and failing on several corporate governance issues


On this site, you will find our case for change, along with ways to join our campaign and have your voice heard at this year’s shareholder meeting. Your vote for the Shareholder Slate will bring independence, substantive expertise, and a voice for shareholders’ interests to a Board that we believe has lacked these for too long.

The “Shareholder Slate” – Daniel Loeb, Harry Wilson, Michael Wolf, and Jeff Zucker – seeks a voice and a choice for Yahoo! owners hurt by the current “Legacy Board’s” track record of value disintegration, and wants to prevent the Board from simply nominating their handpicked replacements – the “Insider Slate” – for Yahoo!’s board.


Check Out The Site: http://valueyahoo.com/

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