Hedge Fund Wives – Do and Don’t of good Hedge Fund Wife

Hedge fund wife Alexandra Cohen (wife of hedge fund titan Steve Cohen) is sharing some rules about being a good hedge fund wife. Examples of Steve Cohen’s ex wife Patricia Cohen and what she did wrong. Being a hedge fund wife isn’t easy.


In case of hedge fund ex-wife Patrica Cohen she was unsympathetic and unappreciative and he was obsessed with work-  like most hedge fund titans. Steve has told about his ex-wife to people, “She’s like a terrorist on a mission to make my life a living hell!”

Hedge fund titan’s new wife Alexandra Cohen understands these rules and loves Steve’s sense of humor and  the couple is happy and enjoying their life together.  So these are the do and don’t of how to be a good hedge fund wife.

Don’t be such a nag!

Nagging Bitches

In Steve’s view, it would have helped if Patricia sympathized with the strain on him. Instead, she seemed put out, as if his working so hard was self-centered. Steve understood how the market affected him; after the relationship collapsed, he went on Prozac for a time. But he could have used a little appreciation—after all, he was “going to war,” as he referred to his job, for her and their two children. But after work she’d meet him at the subway exit with the kids, as if to say, Okay, your fun time is over. As Steve experienced it, she didn’t want him to be happy.

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