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Hedge Fund Bonuses Just Around The Corner-

With performance reports showing double digit returns YTD and some as high as 20%+ HEDGE FUNDS ARE SHINING with 2.6T (T for Trillions) us ladies are expecting some fancy gifts, new toys in the driveway, on the wrist maybe ;)

– just a quick tip for keeping the wives happy:  we call it strategic gift deployment :) – give the wife something pricey they would want BEFORE leaving on that “business trip” “weekend conference” wink wink.   Just trust us on this….

Can you tell which Hedge Fundies brought their toys to work on Friday?  I promised not to show faces and i’m no iPhone photog but im sure you can figure it out.  hey, if you like then tell us via FB like, if you want to ask a friend- use one of our share tools –  they are gorgeous

Share with a friend, someone will know the boys that own these toys.  I’ll give you a hint, they were riding together.  perhaps a motivational strategy for strong 4th qtr performance.   KICKING ASSSS THIS YEAR.. Rock on!!!!!





















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