George Clooney Called As Witness in Berlusconi Sex Trial

Clooney has been called as a witness in Berlusconi’s trial in Milan for paying an underage prostitute for sex. View gallery of Berlusconi Bunga Bunga sex party girls.

Berlusconi Sex Parties

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Berlusconi is accused of paying cash and jewels to Karima el-Mahroug when she attended his so-called sex parties¬† called “Bunga Bunga”¬† in 2010, aged 17.
Clooney has revealed he did spend one night at Berlusconi’s home in Rome, which he described as “one of the more astonishing evenings of my life”. Arriving to discuss Darfur with the then prime minister, Clooney said he was taken to Berlusconi’s bedroom to see the bed that Vladimir Putin gave him, and was then asked to stay for a party. Berlusconi made a surprise speech in court on Friday, denying having “intimate relations” with Mahroug and ruling out any “scenes of a sexual nature”, at his parties in Milan, saying they were merely costumed shows “about which there was nothing vulgar”.
Women attending the parties have described guests dressed as nuns and footballers performing stripteases.

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