From Hedge Funds To High Tech

//From Hedge Funds To High Tech

From Hedge Funds To High Tech

That got us wondering who would do such a thing, so we’ve compiled a list of 20 ex-Wall Streeters who left the high-flying world of finance for high-tech startups.


Jeff Bezos

AP Wall Street Job(s): Bankers Trust (vice president), D.E. Shaw (computer science)

Tech Job: Founder, president and CEO of online retail giant, which he started in 1994.

Fun Fact: He was Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 1999 and holds an honorary doctorate in computer science from Carnegie Mellon.








Marc Pincus

ZyngaWall Street Job(s): Stock analyst, private equity

Tech Job: Social-gaming startup Zynga, which develops games such as FarmVille and Texas HoldEm Poker.

Fun Fact: Zynga recently sold shares during its initial public offering at a $7 billion valuation.






Allen "A.J." Steigman and Shane Robinson

Soletron Wall Street Job(s):  Merrill Lynch

Tech Job:  A sneakerhead and streetwear platform called Soletron,

which is a social networking and e-commerce marketplace where

designers, retailers and collectors can buy, sell and discuss with one another.

Fun Fact: The duo used a comic book strip to market their business.








Vinicus Vacanti


Wall Street Job(s): Associate at private equity firm Quadrangle Group, analyst at Blackstone Group, and analyst at Merrill Lynch

Tech Job: Founder of Yipit, a website that aggregates daily deals from sites like Groupon and Living Social.

Fun Fact:  At a Quadrangle Group private equity conference Vacanti pitched billionaire media mogul Barry Diller for three minutes in front of an audience of media execs and was grilled with questions.  Diller picked his startup.







Andy Dunn

William Wei, Business InsiderWall Street Job(s): Unknown

Tech Job: Co-founder of Bonobos, an e-commerce start-up that manufactures men’s apparel.

Fun Fact: Dunn, a Stanford business school grad, started the company in 2007 in his apartment.










Alexa Von Tobel


Wall Street Job(s): Analyst at Morgan Stanley

Tech Job: Founder of Learnvest, which provides financial tools and services for women.

Fun Fact:  Von Tobel, who dropped out of business school in 2008, moved to New York without any investors to start her company.








Barry Silbert

Wall Street Job(s): Investment banker at Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin

Tech Job: The founder of SecondMarket, the largest secondary market dedicated to creating liquidity for illiquid assets.

Fun Fact: During his banking career, Silbert was tasked with selling pieces of bankrupt Enron.










Dan Leahy and Ben McKean

(Mergers & Acquisitions) & Ben McKean – Analyst, Merrill Lynch

Tech Job: Founders of Savored, a company that lets users book r

eservations at high-end restaurants for a $10 fee in exchange for a discount.

Fun Fact: They both quit their finance jobs on the same day – September 4, 2009.









Maxime Leufroy-Murat and Alexandre Errera

Personal Dating AgentWall Street Job(s): Morgan Stanley traders

Tech Job: Personal Dating Agent, a company that manages all aspects of online dating for you so all you have to do is show up at the date.

Fun Fact: The duo decided to create the dating service because they realized how difficult it is to meet people when working a ton of hours at a financial firm.












Aaron Harris


Wall Street Job(s): Management Associate at Bridgewater Associates.

Tech Job: Founder of TutorSpree, a website that matches students with high-quality teachers.

Fun Fact: While at Harvard, he was a member of the Harvard Drama Society and Harvard Kung Fu.

Source: Business Insider





Georgia Anderson

GAFNN Wall Street Job(s): Futures and forex broker

Tech Job: Founder of, a social network where traders and investors connect.

Fun Fact:  She posed for the Playboy’s Women of Wall Street edition and was fired.

Source: Business Insider













Justin Moore

Wall Street Job(s): Quantitative analyst at Two Sigma

Tech Job: He’s been tasked with building a recommendations engine for Fourquare.  The company hopes it will be able to take all the places you’ve ever checked in and tell you where you should eat your dinner.

Fun Fact:  He was a vice president at Bear Stearns.








Archana Patchirajan, Puneet Mehta and Sonpreet Bhatia

Business InsiderWall Street Job(s): Puneet Mehta – VP of technology,

Citi Capital Markets, Archana Patchirajan – Senior consultant, Citigroup & Sonpreet Bhatia –

Vice President, Merill Lynch.

Tech Job: MyCityWay, which provides smartphone apps on as many as 40 different cities.

Fun Fact:  The business picked up the first investment from the NYC Entrepreneurial Fund.








Andrew Montalenti

Courtesy of Andrew MontalentiWall Street Job(s): IT Analyst at Morgan Stanley

Tech Job: Co-founder, an online publishing platform that help

s members connect to content they like through recommendations.

Fun Fact: Montalenti majored in computer science with a minor in philosophy from NYU.









Mario Schlosser (middle)

Wall Street Job(s): Bridgewater Associates

Tech Job: Social gaming start-up Vostu, the fourth largest social-game developer in the world.

Fun Fact:  Vostu is extremely popular in South America and it’s been played by more than half of the Brazilian population.

Read more about Votsu here >

Source: Business Insider

Source: Business Insider



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