Former Financial Analyst Executed in Texas

//Former Financial Analyst Executed in Texas

Former Financial Analyst Executed in Texas

Former Financial Analyst Douglas Feldman was Executed in Texas on Wednesday.

douglas-feldman-execution-073113A  former financial analyst Douglas Feldman, 55, was convicted of killing two in a north Texas road-rage rampage 15 years ago was executed on Wednesday.
Prosecutors said Feldman’s killing began when the gun-toting biker opened fire at the rear of an 18-wheeler that cut him off.
Feldman reloaded and drove alongside of the truck cab before shooting at the driver, Robert Everett, 36.
“I chased Mr. Everett down, and I shot him to death,” Feldman testified at his trial. “I felt like I needed to stop that man.”
Feldman rode off, but circled back to make sure Everett was dead.
The hell-bent biker then rode another 11 miles to a Dallas Exxon station, where he spotted a fuel tanker driver — Nicholas Velasquez, 62 — was pumping fuel back into the station’s tanks.
“I exploded again in anger,” Feldman testified. “I drove by and shot him. It was just acting out. I felt emotionally compelled and consumed by anger.”
Feldman, who was arrested a week after the killings for shooting a man outside a fast-food restaurant, told his ex-girlfriend that it felt good to kill.
“I have found it quite pleasurable to kill those two men,” he wrote her in a letter.

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