Former Employee Shares More Dirt On Mergermarket – What is BC Partners Thinking?

Another former Employee Calls Mergermarket’s management short sighted and wonders why BC partners still keeps them.


Former Employee – Sales Executive in London, England tells the following story via Glassdoor.

After staying there for oner/two years you became very attractive for all major banks or media organizations. Huge rotation causes you end up having friends working for all the major financial services companies
Where do I start… -brown-nosing is required to survive and get promoted -clicks and fraternities -management represents very low moral values and is lazy, they are not a good raw model therefore they don’t get respected and create fear relationship between them and employees -management has no leadership skills, no ideas how to motivate staff – lots of office romances – lots of promotions through bed – lack of structure, very chaotic – lots of drinking inside and outside of the office – crazy dangerous staff parties with animalistic games – I would do everything to prevent my woman from working at mergermarket, most of the man working there are dirty, general attitude is to look at women like at meat – mini promotions are available to brown-nosers in fact there is no real career growth potential – too intelligent people usually being treated with no respect by management – no permission to question anything at any time – slightly racist – preference for white public school boys who are tall, if you are one of those you will have an easy life there, also good looking girls who are not too ambitious will have an OK life as long as they agree to have affairs with the management -if you are not private school tall boy you will be paid 40% less -relatively long working hours -minimal wage increases for rebellious people who criticize the office culture or managerial decisions -sometimes stressful -lots of horrible totalitarian managers who get pleasure from destroying people. I don’t understand why BC partners keeps them, it could be very dangerous for the company reputation and costly as there might be several court cases in the near future
Advice to Management
start your own sit-com showing your day to day life, what you do is so grotesque and corrupted that it could became the most popular tv show that could generate more profit than subscriptions.

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