Fight over Supermodels Outcome of Hock- Casiraghi Fight

Last year at the same time famous fight over supermodels in Manhattan Double Seven nightclub  turned ugly, when club owner Adam Hock punched Monaco Prince Pierre Casiraghi so hard he flew across the room and was hospitalized.

hock-casighi-fightCasiraghi and Hock reached truce this morning and  Adam Hock pleads disorderly conduct. This mornings plea under wich Hock must serve 12 weeks of anger management and community service.

Last year club fight involved prince Pierre Casiraghi was partying with Starvos Niarchos and girlfriend model Jessica Hart, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. While Hock was at his table with models Valentina Zalyaeva, Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik, buddies Joel Warren and Jeffrey Jah.

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