Ex Barclays Bank CEO-s Daughter Nell Diamond Tweets Dirty About Bank Scandal

Nell Diamond had some choice words for British Chancellor George Osborne and Labor Party leader Ed Milliband – after her father Bob Diamond resigned as Barclays chief executive officer following charges that the bank manipulated interbank lending rates

Bob Diamond’s daughter stuck two fingers up to the British establishment as she posted an offensive tweet after the Barclays Bank chief yesterday quit his £6million-a-year role over the Libor interest rate fixing scandal.

Nell Diamond, 23, took to Twitter to tell George Osborne and Ed Miliband to ‘go ahead and #HMD’.
But as the bizarre insult was soon translated by younger Twitterati as an abbreviation for ‘hold my d***’, images emerged which served to paint an interesting picture of the twentysomething who enjoyed a privileged upbringing and now works for Deutsche Bank in New York.

Ms. Diamond graduated from Princeton last year, lives in Manhattan and works for Deutsche Bank.

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