Escort Service Owner Jailed For Threatening Former Clients

Escort service owner sentenced 15 Monts in federal prion for threatening former client.

ersort-payThe owner of an escort service in Windham sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for threatening a former client.

By pleading guilty, the owner of an escort service in Windham, admitted to making threatening telephone calls to a former client. The client used escort service and spent more then $7,500 a month on Perfect Pleasures escorts to have cocaine fueled sex romps.

The client is not named but referred to as “J.D.” in all court documents.

Client told police that he never paid the escorts directly but mailed personal checks to Enfanto’s Saugus, Mass., address, according to court documents. On Feb. 6, Enfanto allegedly sent J.D. a text message on his cellphone that said he owed the owner of the escort service $100,000.

“Enfanto claimed that J.D. had contacted women from the escort service without going through Enfanto, and thus owed Enfanto for the lost business,” said the affidavit filed in federal court in Portland. “Enfanto made it clear that J.D. would be harmed if J.D. did not pay the money.

“Enfanto never made threats to expose J.D.’s use of cocaine or escorts to anyone; he only threatened physical violence if J.D. did not pay Enfanto,” the complaint said.

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