Donald Trump’s Ex-wife Admits She Still Loves Him

//Donald Trump’s Ex-wife Admits She Still Loves Him

Donald Trump’s Ex-wife Admits She Still Loves Him

Donald Trump’s Ex-wife Marla Maples Admits She Still Loves Him.

marla-maplestrump-marlaMarla Maples has confessed she still loves her ex-husband Donald Trump
She was embroiled in one of the biggest sex scandals of the 1990s that triggered the ‘divorce of the century’.
Marla Maples achieved notoriety after business mogul Donald Trump left his first wife Ivana for her in 1993 after a lengthy affair.

Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples says she still has a soft spot for the tycoon despite their love affair ending in a nasty divorce
Marla Maples admits she still loves ex-husband Donald Trump

Maples opened up about her financial struggles after her assistant allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her last year.
‘I live such a different life than I did of course when I was married to Donald. Still it catches me a little off guard when people are like ‘I know you, I know you.’ I’m like, you do?’ she said.
But that’s how the world found out who I was. Through that relationship, so I can’t really go around expecting it to be different. It was a very big and important part of my life.
‘It’s been a year of dealing with a lot of financial chaos and it’s taught me to have to forgive at every moment, especially when I am fighting with credit card companies.
‘I’ve lived in small places, I’ve lived in mansions. I’ve lived with $10 to my name. I’ve lived with hundreds of thousands of dollars to my name. But the truth is it’s the relationships that bring the happiness, not the amount of money you have.’
According to the New York Times, Trump’s first marriage to Ivana ended in 1992 when his then-mistress Maples confronted her during an Aspen vacation.
‘Are you in love with your husband? Because I am,’ Marla asked Ivana on the mountains.
However she told the tabloids she was embarrassed by the ‘homewrecker’ label, saying she and Trump were in love.


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