Crazy Fight- Wife of Bill Evans Attacked His Private Parts

//Crazy Fight- Wife of Bill Evans Attacked His Private Parts

Crazy Fight- Wife of Bill Evans Attacked His Private Parts

Estranged  Wife  Attacked  the Private Parts of WABC/Channel7 Weatherman Bill Evans

Crazy fight of WABC/Channel 7 weatherman Bill Evans and his estranged wife took a nasty turn when she scratched his testicles and bruised his backside with a coat hanger, the meteorologist claimed.

Evans, 52, told police his wife, Dana, went below the belt during the nasty fight over a set of car keys last month at their home in Old Greenwich, Conn.
But Dana claims he brutalized her — punching her in the face even as she backed away during the scramble.

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The husband and wife — who are in the midst of a bitter divorce — were arraigned yesterday on charges of assault and disorderly conduct over the May 4 fight, and ordered to stay away from each other.

bill-evans-dana-evans-hedgeho (5) bill-evans-dana-evans-hedgeho (2)Bill Evans claims that his wife, 48, “grabbed the waist band of his underwear and reached for his scrotum with her free hand, subsequently scratching it, which resulted in bleeding,” according to the affidavit by Greenwich police.
The confrontation started when she “began to insult him in front of their children and told him that he does not live there nor is he wanted there,” according to the affidavit.
His daughter asked him to move the car, and he told her he would after he changed, the affidavit said. But Dana entered the room and dumped out his work bag to get the keys.
He asked for them back, which is when she punched and slapped him, he claimed, before she threw the keys in the closet.
They fought over the keys in the closet, he said — during which time she tried to “karate kick” him.
That’s when she clawed his testicles, he claimed.
He then pushed her away, and she hit him repeatedly with a wooden hanger, he alleged.
Dana Evans admitted to hitting him with the hanger, but said it was in self-defense after he punched her in the face.

They’re both due back in court July 23.

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