Coke Girls and Crack Scandals Won’t Stop Toronto Mayor Rob Ford – Vows to Run Again

Regular Coke Sex and Hookers Scandal  is not How Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Rolls.   Smoking Crack Cocaine With Drug Deales is More His Cup of Tea.   But Even  Crack Scandal Won’t Stop Party Boy Toronto Mayor Rob Ford – Vows to Run For Mayor Again.

Rob-Ford-PartyUndeterred by the release of cellphone video taken by a drug dealer that purportedly shows him smoking crack cocaine, Ford is vowing to seek another term as mayor of Canada’s largest city in October 2014. “I’m not stepping aside, I’m running in the next election,” Ford told reporters this week. “If the great people of this city want to go in a different direction, then that’s what their prerogative is, but I guarantee my name will be on the ballot,” he said.

And even as he promised to stay on, six of his staff members had resigned by Friday. Nevertheless, Ford assured the press that “things are doing great and we’re doing fine.” His troubles began two weeks ago, when New York-based gossip site Gawker and the Toronto Star newspaper reported having seen the video, which they said was being shopped around by a group of men involved in the drug trade.

Owners of the video had demanded 200,000 dollars for the footage. The Toronto Star refused to pay but Gawker launched an online campaign – named Crackstarter – to crowd-fund the money for its purchase. But even as Gawker quickly exceeded its fundraising goal, it lost contact with the seller.

The 44 year old party boy mayor himself  has called the allegations of  smoking crack cocaine from a glass pipe ridiculous. “There’s no video,” he has said.



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