City Banker Fired Over Sex-Bias Case Against Another Bank

//City Banker Fired Over Sex-Bias Case Against Another Bank

City Banker Fired Over Sex-Bias Case Against Another Bank

When it comes to City bank – they have previous experience from sexy banker chicks suing them for sex related lawsuits- like Debrahlee Lorenzana, who sued Citibank for being too sexy.

banks-funnyNow City banker Latifa Bouabdillah  sacked over sex-bias case against former bank.
Latifa Bouabdillah claims Commerzbank dismissed her when it found out she was suing Deutsche Bank for discrimination
A City banker was sacked from her £150,000-a-year job after her boss discovered she was suing her old bank for sexual discrimination, a tribunal has heard.
Latifa Bouabdillah claims Commerzbank sacked her when it found out she was suing Deutsche Bank for over £1m in damages for alleged sexual discrimination.
Bouabdillah resigned as a vice-president at Deutsche Bank in 2011 and launched a lawsuit claiming that male colleagues were promoted ahead of her and received bonus payments three times higher than hers.
She told Central London employment tribunal on Tuesday that Commerzbank sacked her days after it found out about her suit against Deutsche Bank
Bouabdillah is now also suing Commerzbank for sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal.
She told the court she had tried to keep the Deutsche Bank case secret from Commerzbank because she was worried that if it found out the company would not offer her the post with its “exotic vanilla funds team”.
When news of her lawsuit against Deutsche Bank became public last summer Commerzbank told her she had put its reputation “at risk” and the matter had been referred to “very senior” people in the bank’s head office in Germany.
“So I understood that this was causing big issues internally,” she said in a witness statement. “This worried me a lot. I could see that this was potentially very damaging to my career with the respondent and my career in general.
“They asked me if this was the first time I had sued an institution, I said yes and I am not intending to do it again and that the job with the respondent would allow me to move on with my life.”
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Latifa Bouabdillah Debrahlee Lorenzana

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