Charlie Sheen No Sex and Hookers But Anti Sharing by Apple

Hollywood’s notorious vice boy Charlie Sheen has picked up a new anger object – computer giant Apple

Recently theres been less sex, drugs and hookers in Sheen’s life but now he’s getting his anger out towards Apple. While Sheen praised Steve Jobs, he said Apple’s sharing safeguards had him go ape shit.  Apple does not allow transfer music from one device to another without the same  iTunes program.  Demonstrating his anger he threw and iPad into the wall so hard it actually got stuck there.

“The fact that you can’t share music between devices and have to go through central hub makes me very angry,” he said

“So I took my iPad and flung it – I didn’t know how aerodynamic it was: you can use it as a weapon.”

“I looked over and the whole thing was sticking out of the wall.”

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