Bra Sizes and Boob Measurments of Female Cops in Mass E-mail Blast

Boob Measurments and Bra Sizes of Female Cops – volume of boobs  was neccecary for bulletproof vests Sent as Mass E-mail Blast.

sexy-boobsBra Sizes and Boob Measurments of Female Cops to Rank and File Accidently Gets Sent as Mass E-mail Blast

Exel data sheet of boobs – included  cup size and bra sizes of female officers.  Police officer who accidentally included more on the mail then he intended to – as he  sends it to  big mail list.
The Detroit Police Department was caught with its pants down Monday after admitting a mass email containing bra sizes of about 20 female officers was accidentally sent out to their fellow cops.
Bulletproof boobs
The women had provided their height, weight and cup sizes for bulletproof vests that they would be issued, DPD Assistant Chief James White said.

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