Boston Marathon Suspects One Dead and Other Caught

//Boston Marathon Suspects One Dead and Other Caught

Boston Marathon Suspects One Dead and Other Caught

One of the men suspected in Boston marathon bombings is dead and other caught

boston-marathonTamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who has been referred to as “Suspect No. 1” and was seen wearing sunglasses and a black cap in video and pictures – was wounded in a shootout with police, and later died at the hospital. His younger brother Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, who has been referred to “Suspect No. 2,” seen wearing a backwards white cap over his shaggy hair,was caught approximately 8.45 pm.  He was rushed to the hospital moments later. View image below.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev  was captured hiding out in a boat parked in a backyard last night 8:45 pm EST, cops cuffed him and then rushed away to a hospital in serious condition.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured hiding out in a boat parked in a backyard last night 8:45 pm EST, cops cuffed him and then rushed away to a hospital in serious condition.

A car registered to Tamerlan was found in Boston, shortly after reports emerged that Dzhokhar may have escaped the perimenter in the gray Honda CRV.

Officials have swarmed a Watertown home on Quimby and Willow Park. There are about 50 officers outside the home as well as a large SWAT truck with an officer manning a gun on the turret of the truck.
More authorities are armed with what appear to be assault rifles and shotguns.
An officer is on a megaphone saying “If you’re in there, come out.”
The authorities have forced a one-block perimeter around the home and everyone has been evacuated from their homes.

police-houseThe announcements followed a bizarre and bloody series of events that started with the fatal shooting of a campus police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology late last night and continued with a massive police confrontation with two of the shooting suspects in the nearby city of Watertown.
Two men were involved in the killing of the MIT officer at 10:48 p.m. They then carjacked a Mercedes-Benz and made their getaway.
The MIT officer has been identified as Sean Collier, 26, of Somerville, according to the Middlesex DA and the Boston Globe.

The suspects in the MIT shooting then got into a gun battle with police. There were also reports of explosive devices found in Watertown.

bostonDuring the firefight, a second police officer was struck by bullets and taken to the hospital, Davis said.
Hospital officials said the deceased suspect’s body featured a combination of gunshot wounds and blast-related injuries.
While one suspect was killed, the other got away. Officials are urging nearby residents to stay indoors – and not to pick up any strangers on the side of the road.

Davis called the suspect a “terrorist … who came here to kill people.”
Three people were killed and 176 were injured in Monday’s bombings, which punctured the innocence of Boston’s Patriots’ Day celebrations.

The men were spotted walking down Boylston Street toward the marathon finish line shortly before the pressure-cooker blasts launched shrapnel through the helpless crowd.

The man identified as Suspect No. 1 wore a black jacket, a white shirt, a black hat, khakis and sunglasses. He had a black backpack and appeared to be wearing a Bridgestone golf cap.

041813_FBI_POOL_Boston_300x225Suspect No. 2 wore a backward, white, adjustable baseball cap and carried a lighter-colored backpack over his right shoulder.

“As you can see from one of the images, Suspects 1 and 2 appear to be walking together through the marathon crowd on Boylston Street in the direction of the finish line,” DesLauriers said.



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