Busty Banker Barclays Burglar- Banker Steals For Boob Job

Barclays bank girl steals $75 K employees money to get giant breast implants.

Rachel Martin

Now busty Rachael Martin splashed stolen cash on boob job lashed her fake breasts in court just moments before she faced a judge.
Shewas jailed for a year after splurging the stolen haul on surgery including dental work, liposuction, hair extensions, make-up and breast enlargements.

Rachel Martin, 24, enjoyed wild spending sprees and splashed out on extravagant nights out.
The busty banker lavished £4,000 on breast surgery and a further £1,700 on teeth-whitening treatment and other expensive dental work.
She pocketed the money from Barclays over eight weeks in amounts of £1,000 or £2,000 a time.
On one occasion, Martin managed to swipe £6,000 in one go. By the time cops nicked her, she had spent it all.

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