Billionaire Forcefully Tried Oral Sex on Private Plane – Suit

//Billionaire Forcefully Tried Oral Sex on Private Plane – Suit

Billionaire Forcefully Tried Oral Sex on Private Plane – Suit

Billionaire Sothbey’s former owner Alfred Taubman reportedly forcefully tried oral sex on private plane – @29 million lawsuit.

By Andy Solits to NyPost

Billionaire Alfred Taubman repeatedly fondled his female flight attendant, attempted to rip off her clothing and tried to perform oral sex on her aboard his private plane, the woman charges in a $29 million lawsuit.

Nicole Rock, 38, says the married 88-year-old father of three made her six years of employment a sexual-harassment.

She alleges:

* Several times Alfred Taubman intentionally brushed against her breasts and forcefully kissed her.

* Billionaire  forced her hand on his crotch on one occasion and tore a hole in her panty-hose when he grabbed her crotch on another.

* During a flight Alfred Taubman pushed Rock onto his bed in the rear cabin of his plane, “forcefully attempted to perform oral sex on her” and screamed at her, “I said, ‘Lay down!’ ”

* On several flight layovers, he asked her “in a belligerent tone, ‘How was your layover. Did you fuck anybody?’ ”

On other occasions, he allegedly tore buttons off her blouse and forced his tongue into her ear and mouth.

Billionaire Alfred Taubman whose net worth is  $2.9 billion, is sometimes credited with pioneering the building of shopping malls.

He’s also known for buying Sotheby’s in 1983, but being caught up in a price-fixing scandal at the auction house that led him to be fined $7 million and serve roughly nine months in prison in 2002-2003.

His office said the charges filed by Rock in Detroit federal court “are not true.”

“Mr. Taubman will address the complaint through the appropriate legal channels,” it added.

Rock, who is not married, was hired by Taubman’s airline company in 2005.

In December 2009, she told him she was pregnant and he angrily asked her “inappropriate and unacceptable questions” about the pregnancy and said she should have gotten an abortion, the suit charges.


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