Biggest Money Makers Among Supermodels

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Biggest Money Makers Among Supermodels

Kate Moss has been seen partying in with hedge funders at Katew Moss Annabel's club in London

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2. Kate Moss Made: $9.2 million How: Style icon Moss has managed to bump herself up one place this year thanks to her deals with Rimmel, Longchamp, Mango and Vogue Eyewear. She rarely appears on the catwalk anymore - although she did make an appearance at Louis Vuitton's spring/summer 2012 show - but still regularly graces the covers and pages of the world's biggest fashion publications. She also has a number of perfumes from which she continues to receive income. Despite turning 38 earlier this year she remains one of the world's most in demand models.

Biggest Money Makers Among Supermodels
Find out which of these highest paid supermodels likes to party with financiers and hedge fund managers at Annabelle’s nightclub in London?

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