BC Partner’s Mergermarket Sex Harassement and Bunga Bunga Continues – New Scandals Emerge

Bunga Bunga and sex harassment at Mergermarket is a truly global issue, a former Asian employee said to Hedgeho.com under the condition of anonymity.merger

A further former employee of Mergermarket who wished to remain anonymous, said to  Hedgeho.com that “The eggs of those who charm the CEO and the editors are in a different basket.”

Managers and editors do not award promotions for merit, but for being part of high school cliques or fraternities. Most of them are quite comically incompetent lifers who have ‘earned’ their positions due to being the poorest standard employees thus not picked up by other companies.
Culture of bullying and fear together with gossip, paranoia, suspicion, condescension, and conniving tactics is utilized to keep the usually smarter lower level employees in line.
The CEO is the kind of person that likes to urinate on your head and tell you it’s raining.
If you want to have an idea of how credible he is, just google Mergermarket Moody’s.
As a consequence and as a matter of fact, the company has had immense turnover in the past two years (approaching 40%).

The whole place is disorganized, policies change arbitrarily from month to month, there is no vision. Furthermore, the whole structure is very top heavy, with many superfluous editorial positions.
Many of the editors have no clue what they are doing and are also ignorant about their own sector, but they push gossip to run rampant.

Many of the editors, also at the highest positions, are also very strange people that just push into depressions journalists that risk becoming a shell of their former selves.
In general, a very dysfunctional corporate culture has bullying and is like a lunatic asylum with very unhealthy, unhappy people who make life hell for those out of the circle. Journalists are graded on every move they make and it’s like high school but much, much worse.
Some of the people in management have severe problems with mental health and are still in charge of a lot of people, and HR is extremely biased and unhelpful.
In general these buffoons in charge of managing the company don’t have any respect of colleagues’ professionalism as they are grotesquely incompetent and expect employees to do things that they cannot even do themselves.”

Following is what former employee of Mergermarket HK, who wished to remain anonymous told to Wildonwallstreet.com and Hedgeho.com

  • The former employee told that the current MD Simon Anam and other white males have had a bit of issues for kissing and touching female colleagues during drinking parties for a long time.Simon-anam
  • In company summer party in 2014 Simon Anam and ex-Asia pacific head journalist Tom Cane( Cane is now in US head of Mergermarket) both got naked and had their a pictures taken. The photos of their dicks had later been circulated among colleagues, the former employee told.
  • In addition to that, the former employee told us that there had been some blood violent accidents during the internal drinking parties for a couple of times.

    Hamilton Matthews

    Hamilton Matthews

  • The former employee told us that there were rumors that Mr Anam and former CRM Asia head Anna had an affair.  Witnesses have seen his head on her brests several times. Former employee also told that Anam and  Anna had been caught together at so many places, during business trips to other cities. Later Aman’s wife started to work at the office as a part time and people called that fox hunting. Anna has now left Mergermarket.
  • Obviously, Hamliton Matthews, Global MD Simon Anam and others, so called global seniors, have a bit of similar one night stories with female workers in Asia after office drinking sessions as well, former employee told.
  • Former employee also said there was a discrimination against races. Caucasians from Europe were paid more then local/Asian workers(only 2~3 % pay raise every year no matter what).
  • Global MD Simon Anam spent so much for drinking and strip shows.
  • Former employee said that globally senior guys have been openly approaching  to junior female employees.

    Matthew Board

    Matthew Board

  • Dealreport’s Australia office manager Matthew Board offended some of female starters similar stories as Johnathan Reed, former employee told.
  • Former employee told us that employee turnover rate at Mermermarket Asia is the worst among other offices and it is self explained and  it has even been heard that local headhunters in HK are reluctant to send candidates to mergermarket for protecting their reputation.
  • Former employee told us that there is no official training or declaration of non sexual harassment or any indication for change the policy after the lawsuit.
  • The former employee also told that there is rumor that Global HR Manager Lauren Greaves also slept with Hamilton Matthews.

    Lauren Greaves

    Lauren Greaves

  • Also many UK girls passed Hamilton s bed for job promotions and it is known facts in London, former employee told us.
  • Two former female reporters said also that people in the circle of Giovanni Amodeo, Beranger Guille and of course Hamilton Matthews don’t keep a behaviour of the professional standard that their responsibilities  would instead require, nor they understand how ridiculous the sound.cane 1
  • They told again to wildonwallstreet.com under the condition of anonymity that DealReporter’s Editor and Chief Yanita Morris was caught having sex in her office 12 years ago. They also said that DealReporter’s Deputy Editor Alessandra Castelli is quite keen on  gossip and praising herself of stimulating horny fantasies of colleagues and clients. “After every meeting with bankers and lawyers, or sources in general Alessandra came back saying that men were looking at her skirts with desire.”cane7

What the Financial Times Group did to make sure the managers and executives of Mergermarket respected the Pearson Code of Conduct (further to sign it)? Why a thunderous silence has been louder than the complaint of Santana and Girimonte?

Financial Times Group had no comment on this case.

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