BC Partners Denies It Aims to Offload Mergermarket

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BC Partners Denies It Aims to Offload Mergermarket

Market rumors say that BC Partners is trying to exit from Mergermarket. Market operators say that Euromoney and Advance Capital are among the industry peers that are entertaining early stage talks with BC Partners.


Sources quoted market rumors saying that BC Partners is trying to get rid of Mergermarket as consequence of the behavior of it’s managers and editors that doesn’t make the company appealing to private equity firms.

Although spokesman for BC Partners denied the firm is trying to discharge Mergermarket amidst sex scandals and bad reputation of the company’s managers and editors. ‘The allegation is totally untrue and has no basis whatsoever.’
Few sources said that BC Partners is trying to offload the asset in a very discreet way by trying to seal partnerships with industry peers that would lead to redundancies, then they could get rid of those managers and editors involved in sex parties and scandals.
The same sources said that Euromoney is one of the suitors of Mergermarket.

The WSJ reported the sex harassment lawsuit that Mergermarket had to face and it’s public and they came to a settlement.Also Hedgeho.com reported Mergermarket’s Bunga Bunga of Editors and Managers.

Market rumors say that BC Partners is trying to exit from Mergermarket. However the asset is not appealing to financial investors given the recent sex harassment problems the management recently settled and what other employees in Australia and Hong Kong area told in previous reports about Hamliton MatthewsSimon Anam and other executives and editors.

Market operators say that Euromoney and Advance Capital are among the industry peers that are entertaining early stage talks with BC Partners.

When attempting to reach Mergermarket for a comment we got no answers other then the standard” I am currently out of the office” reply from Flora Wilke ( Mergermarket’s PR contact).

Mergermarket VS Girimonte and  Santana case  was settled and the order of discontinuance was filed on September 3rd.

In 2015, Mergermarket was at the center of a scandalous sexual harassment lawsuit brought on by two former female employees.  On Jan. 30, Valeria Girimonte and Flavia Santana, former sales employees of Mergermarket, filed a complaint with the court, alleging the Mergermarket fostered a “boys club” culture that allowed and encouraged male supervisors to regularly pursue romantic relationships (or trysts) which they could start and end with female subordinates.

Mergermarket’s managers don’t have a good reputation after having faced a lawsuit for sex harassment. Complaint-Girimonte-Mergermarket. The case  was settled and the order of discontinuance was filed on September 3rd.


Factual allegations included:

-butt grabbing, unwanted sexual touching and other unwelcome sexual advances by their male colleagues was commonplace

-male employees circulated a “hot list” of the company’s most “fuckable” women.

-regular and frequent inappropriate commenting of Santana’s breast size by male and female staff

-a male director from Debtwire (company owned and operated within Mergermarket) showed a table full of female co-workers a video of himself having sex.

-at a company karaoke party Mergermarket’s CEO Hamilton Matthews rubbed Santana’s legs and touched Girimonte inappropriately and also grabbed the breasts of another female employee, as the plaintiffs claim in their complaint for sex harassment versus Mergermarket.

The same night Matthews had spent the night with another employee of the Marketing department, the plaintiffs claim.

Both women Valeria Girimonte and Flavia Santana reported they were in a sexual relationship with Jonathan Reed, a managing director at the company and their direct supervisor at the time.


View more of the complaint and Bunga Bunga in Mergermarket

Even though the reported allegations of pregnancy discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, national origin discrimination, race discrimination, and retaliation that Flavia Santana and Valeria Girimonte made to Mergermarket came to a settlement, other financial investors fear that other employees could sue the company for similar reasons.

Dealreport’s Australia office manager Matthew Board offended some of female starters similar stories as Johnathan Reed, former employee told.

Hedgeho.com already reported that Mergermarket’s executives and editors push promotions through the bed and use the company’s credit card to pay strip club bills and massive drinking sessions. Read more →
Furthermore, the non-transparent administrative position of few of Mergermarket’s foreign bureaus could lead to serious charges or could be closed overnight in order to avoid trials.

One of the early joiners, who wishes to stay anonymous explained to Hedgeho.com why he left the company all of a sudden.

He left the company because he got fed up with the new management and is now doing what he wanted to do.

The whole mission was betrayed by the management that took over after the founders. All 3 of the founders Caspar Hobbs, Charlie Welsh and Gawn Rowan Hamilton left or were leaving the company. Charlie Welsh stayed on and got shown the door.
And it was taken over by people who were not very competent not the least and also very crooked and unethical.
There are not many old timers there since most of them are all gone.
This is what happens when salesman take over the company he told to hedgeho.

A further former employee of Mergermarket who wished to remain anonymous, said to  Hedgeho.com that “The eggs of those who charm the CEO and the editors are in a different basket.”

Managers and editors do not award promotions for merit, but for being part of high school cliques or fraternities. Most of them are quite comically incompetent lifers who have ‘earned’ their positions due to being the poorest standard employees thus not picked up by other companies.
Culture of bullying and fear together with gossip, paranoia, suspicion, condescension, and conniving tactics is utilized to keep the usually smarter lower level employees in line.
The CEO is the kind of person that likes to urinate on your head and tell you it’s raining.
If you want to have an idea of how credible he is, just google Mergermarket Moody’s.
As a consequence and as a matter of fact, the company has had immense turnover in the past two years (approaching 40%).

The whole place is disorganized, policies change arbitrarily from month to month, there is no vision. Furthermore, the whole structure is very top heavy, with many superfluous editorial positions.
Many of the editors have no clue what they are doing and are also ignorant about their own sector, but they push gossip to run rampant.

Source told Hedgeho that Mergermarket is a place, where rules are worth of interpretation for the people in the circle and have to be applied with those out of the fraternity. The executives and editors have always encouraged gossip and party culture.

A different anonymous source said that “CEO Hamilton Matthews always got drunk at company parties and other clients events.  Once, after a Mergermarket event, he was so full of alcohol that he could not walk back to his hotel room.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.35.57 PMAlso, a source told Hedgeho that Editor in Chief Yanita Morris was caught having sex in her office 12 years ago.  She is the editor in chief of DealReporter, MergerMarket’s service for hedge fund.

The former employee of Mergermarket HK, who wished to remain anonymous told Hedgeho that the current MD Simon Anam and other white males have had a bit of issues for kissing and touching female colleagues during drinking parties for a long time.Simon-anamIn company summer party in 2014 Simon Anam and ex-Asia pacific head journalist Tom Cane( Cane is now in US head of Mergermarket) both got naked and had their a pictures taken. The photos of their dicks had later been circulated among colleagues, the former employee told.

In addition to that, the former employee told us that there had been some blood violent accidents during the internal drinking parties for a couple of times.

Obviously, Hamliton Matthews, Global MD Simon Anam and others, so called global seniors, have a bit of similar one night stories with female workers in Asia after office drinking sessions as well, former employee told.

Also many UK girls passed Hamilton s bed for job promotions and it is known facts in London, former employee told us

The former employee also told that there is rumor that Global HR Manager Lauren Greaves also slept with Hamilton Matthews.

Lauren Greaves

By 2015 all the original founders had left Mergermarket and interesting fact is that almost all of them if not all have set up their own business – very similar to Mergermarket.


BC Partners has more scandalous investments like like TENEO thats in the lights of all the Benghazi and Hillary e-mail scandals right now. Huma, Hillary’s right hand, was working with them at the same time she was at the State Department. And Doug Band, who used to run the Clinton Global Initiative is the head of it. What they basicly did was use Hillarys connections to lobby and get contracts from private sector companies and then lobby the State department of US Goverment.

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