Hi Gorgeous, Handsome –

Thank you!!!!!!!!! MUAHHHHHHH! You have been so welcoming and helpful.

I love you all (digitally of course) Your continued support is forever appreciated.

To my gorgeous reporters ;) Love the stories Keep ’em comin.

Gentlemen you make me smile (or laugh my ass off) Thx for the extra insight scoop (starbucks gift card) :) 

Wow Hedge Funds really are a Full Contact Sport :)


To all of you who follow- your support is valued and thank you. 

As always, I’m open to ideas, comments, questions (i reserve the right to answer, lol) suggestions juicy and both public and not so public gossip for me to publicize :)

  Big  Kiss!!!!!

Thank you so much for your positive feedback keep sending to info@hedgeho.com

As promised confidentiality is your choice and I vow to respect that- mention in your email you choose to remain anonymous.

It is true, I am a always at a coffee shop (starbucks-they make exceptionally great caffeine) for super-secrets you would like to share I will meet you shoot me an email.  info@hedgeho.com

P.S  DL your gift was the besssst- you’ve kept me caffeinated for a week!!!  You gave me an idea.

If you would like to be my valentine, I  like coffee – not just any coffee, but the one with the heart on it ;) you’ll see.



Love and sincerely yours,




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