12 Success Principles on Accurate Thinking

//12 Success Principles on Accurate Thinking

12 Success Principles on Accurate Thinking

Napoleon Hill’s 12 Success Principles on Accurate Thinking.

Napoleonm Hill

1. Thoughts have power, are under your control, and can be used wisely or unwisely.

2. Accurate thinking is a moral duty.

3. Nothing great can happen without accurate thinking.

4. Accurate thinkers accept no political, religious, or other type of thought, regardless of its source, until it is carefully analyzed.

5. Accurate thinkers are the masters of their emotions.

6. Accurate thinking calls for the highest order of self-discipline.

7. Accurate thought involves two fundamentals. First, you must separate facts from information. Second, you must separate facts into two classes, the important and the unimportant.

8. It takes concentration to control your attention and focus it on a problem until you have solved it.

9. Turn on the full power of your mind, and control your life.

10. Your power of thought is the only thing over which you have complete control. To use this power effectively, you must think accurately.

11. Accurate thinkers allow no one to do their thinking for them.

12. Accurate thinkers know that emotions are not always reliable



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