Interesting Facts About Steve Cohen

Interesting Facts About Hedge Fund Manager Steve Cohen.


4-tips-to-add-to-your-business1 Female Hormones

Back in a day when he was running his hedge fund SAC Capital.  SAC trader was  forced to take female hormones to trade better-  to eliminate the trader’s aggressive male attitude so he could become a more obedient and detail-oriented player in the $2 trillion hedge fund world.
The trader, Andrew Tong, had studied for his doctorate in computer science at Columbia University, and his boss, Ping Jiang,  also was a computer brainiac who pioneered the use of computer-run “macro trading,” which hedge funds wield to move global markets in just seconds.
They met nine years ago as young traders at Lehman Brothers, and moved on to other top firms over the years, all the while remaining friendly and occasionally socializing. They reunited a year ago at SAC.
Tong, who was fired from hedge fund SAC after his allegations were filed, remained in seclusion with his wife in their swank condo tower in Newport Center in Jersey City. Read more


2. Steve Cohen has extremely vicious ex who almost annually hits him with another lawsuit. This curly haired crazy ex is trying to prove that Steve Cohen was hiding assets from her and told her about insider trading in dinner table. Read more about ex wife and lawsuits here. But a kinky rumor is that Stevie did sleep with both of his wives while divorcing. Steve Cohen met his current wife through a dating service.


Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen   has net worth of $11.4 Billion. He is the founder of hedge fund Point72 Asset Management He is currently 59 years old and lives in Greenwich, CT.Read more →


5 Steve Cohen is a passionate art collector. View Cohen’s Impressive Art Collection



6. In high shcool he used to work at a supermarket.

Cohen was a “fruit boy” at Bohack supermarket where he made a $1.85 an hour.
He eventually quit that job because he was making more at the poker table.

7. Cohen has been playing poker since high school.  View Hedge Fund Poker Players

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