Hedgie Ex Beth Shak Is Starting Her Own Shoeline

Beth Shack, pro poker player beauty in high heels is starting her own shoe line after her hedge fund ex husband tried to sue her for her designer shoe collection.

She bought every other shoe in the world — now its timew to make her own. Beth Shak is planning to come out with her own line of women’s footwear.
“My almost-18-year-old daughter wasn’t happy having a mom that traveled and was gambling. She kept saying, ‘Why don’t you design a shoe line?’ and one day I was like, ‘You know, she’s right.”
Shak, who has competed in the World Series of Poker, has a collection of some 1,200 pairs of shoes that she keeps in password-protected closets in her home in Bryn Mawr, Pa. The collection includes about 700 Christian Louboutin pairs and is valued at $1 million.

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