Hedge Funder Who Makes $100 Million a Month Fined $22 M

The SEC fined hedge fund manager Ken Griffin’s fund Citadel a record $22.6 million.

The SEC fined billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin‘s company a record $22.6 million — or, to put that into perspective, perhaps 40 percent of what Griffin spent on art last year.

The billionaire donated $40 million to MoMA in 2015, and the fine’s a trifle compared to the value of his trophy homes in New York, Miami, Aspen, Colo., and Chicago.

In papers filed during his divorce from Anne Dias-Griffin, it was claimed that Ken makes $100 million a month — meaning he could personally pay off the fine after six days’ work.

The SEC imposed the fine — less a slap on the wrist than a tickle under the chin — after alleging Citadel Securities (a branch of Griffin’s Citadel finance empire) made “misleading statements” on how it prices its trades.

Hedge fund Citadel has not admitted any wrongdoing.

Hedge Fund Manager Ken Griffin Donates $40M to MoMA

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Ken Griffin Donates $40M to MoMA. Philanthropist and collector hedge fund manager Ken Griffin—the founder of Citadel, a Chicago-based hedge fund—is donating forty million dollars to New York’s Museum of Modern Art. 

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