Hedge Fund Manager Steven Goff Turns Himself in for Killing a Teenager

Hedge Fund Manager Steven Goff Turns Himself in Claiming He Stabbed to Death a  Teenager in 1990.

Stephen Coff

Stephen Coff

Hedge fund manager Steven Goff, 41, of Ventnor, has been charged with the murder of 15-year-old Frederick Hart.
Goff, a self-proclaimed math whiz and aspiring financial manager, is accused of stabbing Hart multiple times with a knife in a wooded area behind the Clubs Condominiums May 7, 1990, according to police.
Cold case suspect: Steven Goff, seen left in his mugshot, turned himself in claiming that he was the one who stabbed to death 15-year-old Frederick Hart, right, in 1990

The cause of death had never been determined because officials said Hart’s remains had been decomposed.
Goff, who was 18 years old at the time of the murder, faces a weapons charge in addition to homicide.
At his initial court appearance Tuesday, Goff wanted to plead guilty but Judge Michael Donio prevented him from doing so without a lawyer present.

Unsolved murder: Police say Goff was 18 years old when he murdered Hart and left his body to decompose for more than a year in Galloway Township, New Jersey
Goff, an aspiring hedge fund manager, described himself as a self-taught genius, a modern-day Renaissance Man and a math whiz
stephen-coffSteven Goff revealed in an online bio that he was sentenced to five years in prison when he was 18 years old on drug charges, and that he was a master safe cracker and slot machine cheater
Goff apparently has been dabbling in stock trading but was hoping to become a hedge fund manager. Speaking of his employment history, the New Jersey man wrote that he had tried his hand at half a dozen trades, including master electrician, baker, cook, teacher and semi-professional poker player.
But according to his online biography, Goff had a dark criminal past that included a five-year prison sentence on drug charges which he received when he was 18 years old – around the time of Hart’s slaying.
Speaking about his past bad decisions, the 41-year-old wrote that he was a ‘master safe cracker thief, liar, professional slot machine cheat,’ a bad father, bad brother and bad son who had been stabbed and shot at.
On another blog site, Goff lamented that his being a convicted felon has kept him from realizing his ‘BIG IDEAS for this world and our species on this planet.’
‘I am now hindered from ever sitting for a LAW BAR exam or a series 7 brokers [sic] exam. Or from ever becoming a teacher,’ he wrote.
‘I am MOST pissed that I can never be called upon to defend my nation in service if need be. They will never let me ever touch a firearm ever again.’
Following his arrest Monday, a friend posted on Goff’s Facebook page that she had seen him and he wanted to let everyone know that he is doing fine.
Another friend expressed hope that ‘this is the last of the skeletons’ in his closet

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