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Crispin Odey, one of UK most famous hedge fund manager who runs around $6.9 billion Hedge Fund Odey Asset Management, spotted an opportunity in shares in Barclays Bank, amidst the scandal over LIBOR interest rate rigging.

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Crispin Odey, who is founding partner at hedge fund – Odey Asset Management and who already owns $94 Million (60 million pounds)  worth of shares in the bank, bought another -$16 Million (10 million pounds) worth of shares in Barclays at around 160 pence on Tuesday.
“It’s the cheapest bank in the world,” said Odey, who has made millions buying into Barclays in 09 when Barclays shares rocketed 150 percent from the start of the year to end August that year.
Foemer Barclays CEO Bod Diamond apologised for the of his traders who fixed interest rates but told British lawmakers his bank had been unfairly singled out after coming forward to admit wrongdoing.

Hedge Fund Titan Crispin Odey Murdoch Connection

London based Hedge Fund Odey Asset Management $6.9 billion AUM  –  assets under management.
Crispin Odey, the fund’s founder, married Rupert Murdoch’s eldest daughter Prudence (“Prue”) when she was 26-years old. They divorced a year later and now she’s married to Alasdair MacLeod, a ranking News Corp executive.
Hedge Fund Titan Crispin Odey  has even  been nicknamed the David Beckham of the City
Phone hacking Scandal BSkyB investor backs James Murdoch
Crispin Odey, one of BSkyB’s most significant long-term investors, has backed James Murdoch’s position as chairman by insisting he is still the right man for the job, despite some analysts signalling that his position is “untenable”.

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